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Mr. Gordon's early work involved field application engineering in the area of industrial motion control. In that role he had the opportunity to visit dozens of different companies throughout the United States and Canada. These companies included manufacturers and users of automated machinery, robotics and process equipment. Working many hours alongside company engineers he began to recognize the importance that design choices play in the future operation of products and machines.

As his career progressed, Mr. Gordon had the opportunity to work in the design and development of new products. Products intended for the industrial, automotive/trucking and aerospace markets. Many of these products used precise motion to control velocity, force, position, fluid flow and a number of other parameters critical to operational success.

In 1995, Mr. Gordon joined the faculty of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) as an Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Since joining RIT, he has had the opportunity to teach many courses including Machine Design, Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Applied Mechanics, Dynamics and Finite Element Anaysis (FEA).

He continues to engage in an active consulting practice and has employed a select group of former students to assist in such areas as FEA, Stress Analysis and Fatigue Failure Analysis.

Because of his connection to both academia and industry Mr. Gordon is in a rather unique position to strengthen the practical knowledge of his students while maintaining his currency in the field of mechanical engineering. "I feel very fortunate to be able to teach what I practice and practice what I teach."

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