Gordon Engineering, PC
Forensic Engineering / Traffic Accident Reconstruction / Blackbox Download and Analysis / Expert Witness Testimony

Our Clients

Partial Client List (D=Defense, P=Plaintiff, Cr=Criminal)

  • Cincinnati Insurance Companies, Spencerport, NY (D)

  • Phillips Lytle et. al., Rochester, NY (D)

  •  Law Offices of Eugene C. Tenney, Buffalo, NY (P)

  • John Speranza, Esq., Rochester, NY (D-Cr)

  • Faraci Lange et. al., Rochester, NY (P)

  • Connors & Vilardo, LLP, Buffalo, NY (P)

  • Tactair / Young and Franklin, Syracuse, NY (D)

  • Chubb Insurance, Warren, NJ (D)

  •  Lipsitz and Pontario, Buffalo, NY (P)

  •  Erie Insurance, Rochester, NY (D)

  • Harleysville Insurance, Harleysville, PA (D)

  • Bouvier Partnership, LLP, Buffalo, NY (D & P)

  • Foley & Foley, Palmyra, NY (P)

  • Osborn, Reed and Burke, LLP, Rochester, NY (D)

  • Harris Chesworth O’Brien Johnstone & Welch, LLP, Rochester, NY(P)

  • Hilliard E. Moldof, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (D-Cr)


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